About Botts and Tye


Since 1954

Botts and Tye is a company founded on the right principles, by strong-willed men, veterans of WWII, with the perseverance to see that their ideals were maintained throughout the years.  Thomas R. Botts and Clarence E. Tye founded Botts and Tye in 1954 with the indispensable assistance of Tom’s wife, Patricia Botts.  These three laid the foundation for what we, all to this day, strive to uphold.  Our founders understood that as with any business that intends to prosper and grow, the customer must be first.  In the air conditioning business, that means service must be our highest priority.

From the beginning, 24 hour service was available.  This out-front approach led to many innovative ideas being put into place to better serve customers.  The first telephone recorder in town was right here, at 1021 South Washington St. The machine would record the customer’s information regarding their particular service problem, then ring a service person at home to let them know there was a problem.  The service person would drive to the office to retrieve the message and call the customer back.  

Now when you call us after hours 660-646-0540 you will immediately be forwarded to a service person on call 24 hours a day.